the long awaited comeback….

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

a new year. a new look.

yep! that’s me below holding about 9 inches of hair to be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program (check it out here!) to help women fighting cancer. knowing that my locks of hair will do some good puts a smile on my face. i’m doing what i can to help. :)

it’s currently 3 degrees here in Chicago. can you say “BRRRRR?” what better way to spend my second snow day off tho, right?!? hahaha. this also marks the beginning of me tackling my “30 before 30” list. yup. i will hopefully be learning or trying 30 new things/adventures before i hit 30. so stay tuned for the complete list. (i’m still solidifying it!)

donate hair  (DONE!!!!)

20140128-151312.jpgall the best. ames. 

p.s. i need to throw a shout out and thanks to Mike over at mikeoffthemap for the nudge to post this and to get back to blogging! haha! cheers!

sit. have a drink. it’s summer!

even though it may not feel like summer here in Chicago with the rainy and 60 degree weather, i am in full summer mode! yes, even while working summer school! :P i can get used to getting off work at 12:15 and enjoying a glass of wine in the yard.

so. sit back. have a drink. prop up your feet. why not??? i certainly have been! you should too!

i’ve recently gone gluten-free for health reasons, and so i’ve rekindled my relationship with tequila! haha. had one of the best if not THE best La Paloma. [pictured below.] so refreshing. believe it or not, but i am normally a whiskey drinker. so, this change has been hard for me.


along with cutting back on whiskey, i had to cut out beer. i love beer. especially stouts and porters. so, i’ve been trying out ciders since they are naturally gluten-free. not really my cup of tea. many of them are apple based and they taste like rotten apples to me. or, they are way too sweet for me. i’m not a sweet person. luckily, i have found one or two that are decent and available at bars. crispin isn’t bad and this pear cider is really good! otherwise, i look pretty weird ordering a glass of wine at a bar! haha. don’t get me wrong tho, i do LOVE my red wine.


along with summer drinks, i enjoy summer fruits! berries. peaches. rhubarb. etc. etc. pictured below is my favorite strawberry pecan bread! i’ve tweaked it so that it’s now gluten-free! simply delicious! i was worried that it wouldn’t come out and i wouldn’t be able to enjoy it ever again!!


and, last but not least, summer also means NAPS! what else are ya supposed to do after a big meal and a few drinks?!?!?! Lucy’s such a sleepyhead! here she is during one of our BBQ dinners in our yard…aka Bar Chiu. :) my usual hangout during the summer!


so, how have you been enjoying summer?

cheers. ames.

ABC Award….me??

what a dose of good!!! i want to send a huge shout out to the wonderful Ginny over at Chasing The Perfect Moment for nominating me for the ABC award! thank you!!! so sweet of her for thinking of me!! i am most grateful! go check out her blog if you haven’t already! :)

it’s been awhile since i’ve posted on here….figured i’d change that! currently enjoying a lazy sunday with a cup of tea. i’m usually not very good about accepting awards, but figured this one was kinda fun!

Awesome Blog Content

The rules of the Awesome Blog Content Award are:

Add the ABC logo to your new blog post.
Write a one-word or a phrase about yourself that begins with A, B, C, etc.
Nominate some blogs.
Leave a comment on those blogs to let them know!

here i go!

A – AMY. that’s me! :)

B – baker

C – cupcakes!!!!! and, of course COFFEE!

D – dancing

E – eggs. i eat them a lot.

F – funny faces. i make them all the time.

G – glaciers. currently obsessed with them.

H – hiking!

I – ice cream. chocolate please!

J – joker

K – kids. i work with special ed kids.

L – Lucy. my dog

M – music. currently listening to MS MR. “fantasy”

N – naps.

O – open-minded

P – pandas!!! love them! and penguin. i’ve petted one before!

Q – quiet. believe it or not.

R – rat. year of the rat that is according to the chinese zodiac

S – sagittarius

T – traveler

U – unique?

V – violinist

W – weirdo!

X – x-ray of my clavicle. i have 8 screws a metal plate in me.

Y – yoga

Z – zinnias. but, any kind of flowers will do! :)

hmm….that wasn’t as easy as i thought it would have been! haha. now your turn!!!

my nominations are:

Run Eat Life

I’m Not Lost, Just Weird

The Volunteer Fringe

all the best! happy blogging!

cupcakes. my kind of dose of good!!

cupcakes. cupcakes! CUPCAKES!!!! need i say more????

oh….how about home-made cupcakes from scratch???? yea……you know what i’m talking about!! the good stuff!!!! luckily june hasn’t been too awfully hot so i’ve been hanging with ruby (my kitchenaid stand mixer. yes i named it.) in the kitchen!!! it’s like why not?!?!?!?! :)

so….my brother asked me to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for his birthday. BAM! that frosting was heavenly!!!!!! i think i still have some leftover in the fridge!!!! they were a hit!


June’s 30 day challenge is going gluten free! i know! i’m giving it a try to see how i feel healthwise. it hasn’t been too difficult, but i do miss pizza dearly!!!! and, of course i miss cupcakes! BUT, i’ve been experimenting with gf baking. it’s not quite the same, but it does it’s job!!! pictured below are vanilla coconut flour cupcakes and chocolate coconut flour cupcakes. mmmmm….20130610-200745.jpg



what’s your favorite cupcake flavor? have you tried gf baked goods before????

cheers. ames.

a dose of good for you! yea…YOU!

one of my friends/colleagues forwarded an e-mail to me that her son had sent her….

the subject title read:

“Fwd: Three Words That Will Transform Your Career | LinkedIn”

this definitely piqued my interest….she knows me so well…..

so i clicked on the link [as should you!]:

just three simple words. [help this person] simple words that hold so much power.

here’s an excerpt from the article by Bruce Kasanoff:

“By first thinking help this person, you will change the ways that others perceive you. There is no faster or more effective way to change your interactions and relationships. You will be viewed as a positive, constructive, helpful and dependable person. People will think you are more perceptive, attentive and understanding.

That’s why this way of thinking is not altruistic; it is selfish, in the best sense of the word. The single best way to help yourself is to always be looking for ways to help other people. Sure, you’ll be making the world a better place, and in the course of your life you will help many thousands of people. But don’t do it because you ought to, or because it’s the “right” thing to do.

Think help this person because you’re selfish, and proud of it.”

think about it. help this person. change the world. and you!

cheers. ames.

ames? who? what?!? yeaahhh…..i’m baaack!!!!!!

“When I was young I would spend hours looking for lady bug’s…finally I would give up, fall asleep…when I woke up they where crawling all over me”. -Katherine [speaking to Frances, the main character], Under the Tuscan Sun

ladybugs. yes. ladybugs!!! to quote Frances, ” Ladybugs, Katherine. Lots and lots of ladybugs.” as she twirls around in a white dress. ya gotta watch it!

it feels absolutely wonderful to be back on here!!! ladybugs! :) did ya miss me?? haha! life has just been crazy, hectic, wonderfully…great! that probably was not a grammatically correct sentence, but you know what i mean! life has been a whirlwind of crazy awesomeness!

things happen what you least expect it! 

[good things as well as the bad. however, life has been filled with doses and doses of good.]

don’t get the wrong idea tho…..i didn’t win the lottery or meet my prince charming or anything…..

i’ve just been LIVING and having a blast!!! 

in my experience….one dose of good tends to lead to another……

here are some doses of good that have made my day lately:

at work. watching one of my students practice writing the letter “a”….as well as my name! maybe i’m his favorite teacher???? ;)20130528-220002.jpg

i finally splurged and purchased my very first kitchenaid stand mixer!!!! her name is ruby! be prepared to see more posts of my adventures with ruby in the kitchen!! :)


summer is practically here!!!! only a few more days until school is out for the summer! in the meantime, i’ve been enjoying the nice weather with tasty treats and old fashioneds!!! i love love love old fashioneds!!!! [i must also highlight the mushroom kale pie pictured below! YUM!]20130528-220138.jpg

baking. i’ve been on a baking frenzy!!! i love looking at food blogs/websites and trying new recipes!! i made these pumpkin muffins a few weeks ago. delicious! planning on making chocolate espresso cupcakes tomorrow!!!


and, last but not least, some quality dance therapy!!!! tried swing dancing for the first time a few weeks ago! i went out dancing every night this past weekend!! so, what’s stopping you???? no music? i got you covered!!! bam! no more excuses!

hope all of you are doing well!!! please feel free to drop me a line, even if it’s just saying hello! love to hear from you!

sending you doses of good to keep the good times rolling!!! cheers!

much love. ames.

Greetings from Nashville…

who doesn’t love an old fashioned!?!?



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